Industrial Robotics to Boost Productivity and Cope with Labour Shortage

Discover how CFR Group’s robotics cells have helped Quadco INC—an equipment manufacturer for the forestry industry—to cope with labour shortage while increasing its productivity.

In 2015, the equipment manufacturer for the forestry industry Quadco INC—previously Usinage Rimouski—was facing a persisting economic situation in its region of Bas-Saint-Laurent: the shortage of labour. With the objective to offset the lack of staff and to increase its productivity, the Rimouski-based manufacturer decided to turn towards automation and robotics.

Quadco INC was looking for a custom-designed solution, as well as a turnkey service, and, therefore, chose to hire CFR Group. Well aware of the manufacturer’s specific needs, CFR Group was able developed state-of-the-art robotics cells equipped with artificial vision, inter alia, for the automation of Quadco INC’s production chain.

A Constant and Improved Production

Since 2015, three cells have been installed in Quadco INC’s workshop. “We currently have three robotics cells in operation, and each of them feeds two machining centres for the manufacturing of our cutting tools used for forest harvesting operations,” says Stéphane Larouche, Managing Director of Quadco INC.

Thanks to CFR Group’s robot cells, which have a range of up to five hours depending on the type of products being produced, Quadco INC can now manufacture day and night.

“The big advantage is that the production can be made by the three cells in operation when there is no one in the workshop. This allows us to produce 24 hours a day,” adds M. Larouche.  

This constant production also allowed Quadco INC to increase its production volume. “Since CFR Group installed their robot cells in our workshop, we have experienced a production increase of about 15% to 20%,” mentions the Managing Director.

“ Since CFR Group installed their robot cells in our workshop, we have experienced a production increase of about 15% to 20%, ” – Stéphane Larouche, Managing Director of Quadco INC. 

Production Automation

Thanks to CFR Group’s autonomous robot cells, the labour shortage, which once had an impact on Quadco INC’s production, is no longer an everyday issue for the manufacturer. The cells allow it not only to produce a larger volume of units but also to avoid hiring more staff usually needed to increase production.

“The installation of CFR Group’s robot cells has made us able to prevent hiring about 5–6 employees who would have been necessary without robotics,” confirms M. Larouche. The Rimouski-based manufacturer can say that its mission is accomplished! Indeed, its production capacity is now considerably higher, and needs a smaller number of employees.

A “Perfect” Service

Quadco INC was originally referred to CFR Group by a mutual business contact. The manufacturer’s Managing Director says he is very pleased with the efficiency of Group CFR’s robot cells and the quality of the service provided. “I will recommend CFR Group myself ,” says Stéphane Larouche. “The purchasing process, the execution of the project customized to our need, the installation, the commissioning and the after-sale service were all perfect,” adds Larouche.

Words that speak for themselves

15 % to 20 %

of production increase

the robot cells allowed Quadco INC to avoid the need for

5 to 6 staff members

in a context of scarcity of labor

4 to 5

hours of autonomous production by the cells


hours of constant production

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