Tailored Robotics to Optimize a Wide Range of Machining Processes

Discover how VicRoc—a manufacturer specialized in hydraulic equipment—optimized its production processes thanks to CFR Group’s expertise in tailored robotics and automation cells.

In 2009, the hydraulic equipment manufacturer VicRoc was looking for a way to optimize its machining and welding processes, while reducing its workforce needs. Due to the wide diversity of its products and their respective technical specifications, the Victoriaville-based company needed a highly customized and tailor-made solution.

During a visit of the new factory of a well-established Sainte-Claire-based manufacturer—an existing client of CFR Group—VicRoc’s president Roger Gagnon and his team came across a technology that was about to revolutionize their machining processes. “After being very impressed by the several robotic cells installed in the plant, we immediately contacted CFR Group. At the earliest opportunity, their team came to meet us to inquire about our needs,” remembers Mr. Gagnon.

Customized Robotic Cells, From Design to Installation

VicRoc was in need of a cutting-edge technology robot able to meet its specific production needs. “The challenge was to design a robot that could feed three different units, each with their own language,” mentions VicRoc’s president. To do so, CFR Group put the expertise of its engineers and its manufacturing team to work and built an entirely customized robotic cell tailored to its client’s diversified machining processes.

Some time later, VicRoc was hoping to add a welding automation system to its manufacturing equipment, as a way to facilitate its production processes.

“We approached a few companies, but they were not able to meet all of our requirements,” says Mr. Gagnon. “We then decided to meet again with CFR Group, which ended up building us a tailored-made robotic cell made of two robots.” With its two robots and six conveyor belts—also built by CFR Group—the robotic cell allows continuous and autonomous welding, without any human intervention or jig needed, for several hours.

“CFR Group’s robotic cells allowed us to significantly increase our productivity and to reduce by one the number of machinists we needed for optimal production” –  reveals Roger Gagnon, President of VicRoc

Savings on Production and Labour Costs

By optimizing and automating its manufacturing and welding processes, VicRoc recorded a substantial production gain, following the installation of the robotic cells. “CFR Group’s robotic cells allowed us to significantly increase our productivity and to reduce by one the number of machinists we needed for optimal production,” reveals the President. Mr. Gagnon emphasizes that he is very pleased with the tailored robotic cells developed by CFR Group, which enabled VicRoc to reduce its production costs, including labour fees.

Quality of the Training & Reliability of the Robotic Cells

By choosing CFR Group, VicRoc equipped its Victoriaville-based plant with robotic cells that are perfectly tailored to its space, as well as its manufacturing and welding needs. “We are very satisfied with what CFR Group designed and built for us,” states Roger Gagnon. “The training of our employees in our plant went really well, which allowed one of our engineers to rapidly learn how to program the cells on his own.”

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